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D,igital Compositing for Mullewapp 2, a stereoscopic full CG animated feature based on the famous german children’s book by Helme Heine. We worked on 20 stereoscopic sequences making over 40min of filmtime. I’ve been assigned to the project for about 4 months.

Sequel zum Animationsfilm über die tierischen Freunde, nach der beliebten Vorlage von Helme Heine.“


Directors: Tony Loeser, Theresa Strozyk
Cast: Axel Prahl, Christian Ulmen, Ralf Schmitz, Carolin Kebekus i.a.
Release: 07/2016

Role: Stereo Digital Compositor
Software: Nuke | Photoshop

Production: Studiocanal | MotionWorks
VFX Studio: LAVALabs Moving Images

Link: IMDb