Stowaway | In Production

In the beginning of 2020 I worked as Compositing Lead at rise fx Cologne. Together with our colleagues from Munich we worked on a variety of shots for the upcoming Science Fiction movie Stowaway directed by Joe Penna. Check out this interesting article about the productions of the film:

„Conceived and shot before the coronavirus outbreak, the sci-fi thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Shamier Anderson and Daniel Dae Kim resonates with the post-pandemic world. „

Babylon Berlin S3 | VFX Breakdown

RISE just released a great VFX breakdown of Babylon Berlin season 3. I was working as a lead compositor on the show for about 5 months.

„It’s always nice to work with friends – like when we returned to the swinging world of Babylon Berlin for Season 3, led by our VFX supervisor Erik Schneider. As building a single set representing all of Berlin is impossible, lots of set extensions needed to be built following the architecture of the pre-WWII era and famous sites were recreated that were destroyed during the war based on photographic reference. Cars were animated, trams needed to speed through the streets and thousands of CG crowd digi-doubles made the city come alive.

Bablyon Berlin Season 3 is now out on Sky Europe and soon everywhere around the world streaming and on TV.“

Babylon Berlin S3 | Trailer

I am currently working at RISE as a Lead Compositor on the third season of Babylon Berlin.
The first trailer for the project just got its release and it looks great.

Kicking off in fall 1929, during the tumultuous weeks before Black Friday’s stock market crash, the latest series sees inspector Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) and Charlotte Ritter (Liv-Lisa Fries) assigned to investigate the violent on-set death of an actress, only to realize that the film industry is as rotten as the underworld. In the meantime, the Black Reichswehr are regathering their forces for their next attempt to bring down democracy and use all the opportunities they can to provoke more clashes with the Communists.

When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit | Trailer

Warner Bros. just released the german trailer for „When Hitler stole the pink Rabbit“, a historical family drama I was working on earlier this year.

It is the latest project by the German Oscar-winning writer-director Caroline Link (Nowhere in Africa). When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, an adaptation of British writer Judith Kerr’s 1971 award-winning semi-autobiographical novel of the same name – about a young Jewish girl and her family’s escape from the Nazis through Switzerland and Paris in 1933, before settling in England in 1936 – will be released in Germany by Warner Bros. Pictures on 26 December 2019.,0,706,1000_AL_.jpg

Game of Thrones S8 | VFX Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of GOT 8 by PIXOMONDO including some of my work:

Carnival Row | Featurettes

There are two brand new featurettes for Amazon’s CARNIVAL ROW online featuring some of the work we did at PIXOMONDO Frankfurt.

DARK Season 2 | VFX Breakdown

RISE just released the VFX breakdown of our work from DARK Season 2:

This reel showcases the visual effects work created at
RISE | Visual Effects Studios


Seems like viewers who had their minds blown by the first season of Dark on Netflix are back home from their hospital beds, ready to have their minds blown AGAIN!
Get your pen and paper out and prepare to take notes while you watch some of the most attention grabbing bit of TV EVER!

Thank you to Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese for letting us take care of their brain-child again and thank you to Wiedemann & Berg and Netflix for your continued trust.

Our amazing team at RISE Munich around VFX Supervisor Nicolas Leu, Producers Dominik Trimborn and Doris Huber, Compositing Supervisor Julia Strack, FX Supervisor Korbinian Hopfner and CG Supervisor Sebastian Lauer designed elements that were impossible to describe into beautiful, haunting images.

Carnival Row | Teaser

Carnival Row just got its announcement and will be out on Amazon Video on August 30th. I spent a couple of months on this show at PIXOMONDO Frankfurt. Very excited to be able to watch it soon … Cheers to the PXO Team !

Dark Season 2 | Trailer

The offical trailer for the second season of Dark just got released. Thanks to everyone at Rise Munich for making me feel welcome.

The apocalypse must come. Dark Season 2. June 21st, only on Netflix.