Mercedes Benz | Grow Up

Mercedes Benz started a new campaign targeting a younger audience. I was part of the compositing team at nhb studios in january 2017.

Here is a link to the full article (german) and all the films.

Rabbit School | Trailer

This is the new trailer for Rabbit School (Die Häschenschule), an animated feature film based on a famous german children’s book. I worked on this project for a few months in 2016 at LAVAlabs Moving Images. Opening in the cinemas in march.

(For the english version of the trailer visit

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz | Commercial

I supported Media Picture Group Duesseldorf in the creation of this Volkswagen Commercial for the E-car Microbus Concept I.D. BUZZ that was released on the NAIAS Detroit 2017.

Einstein | Trailer

German TV station Sat1 released a trailer for the crime-comedy show Einstein. I was on set for two episodes and also worked on some shots in 2015 at LAVAlabs Moving Images.

Black Sails Season 4 | Trailer

The official trailer of the final season of BLACK SAILS just got released. I am currently working on the project at SSVFX in Dublin as a Digital Compositor. Check it out here:

Radio Heimat | Trailer

Radio Heimat is a german comedy based on a book by Frank Goosen. It is about the life of a group of friends growing-up in the Ruhr-area in the 80’s. Since I was born in the middle of the „Ruhrpott“ I am happy to have been involved in the making of this little film. The first trailer is online now.