Iron Sky 2 | Coming Soon

I recently finished the work on IRON SKY – THE COMING RACE at PIXOMONDO. The movie will be released in January 2019. Cheers to PIXOMONDO and the crew for a dinotastic time. I’m looking forward to seeing the final version of the movie.

Peter Rabbit | The Foundry

Peter Rabbit is still getting attention. The Foundry just released a video showcasing the use of nuke and mari at Animal Logic including some words by our compositing supervisor Alex Fry.

Deutschland 86 | Coming soon

We recently finished the visual effects production on the upcoming espionage drama series Deutschland 86. As the sequel to the award winning show Deutschland 83 it will be available at Amazon Prime later this year.

Mit „Deutschland 86″ geht die preisgekrönte Spionage-Serie mit Jonas Nay in der Hauptrolle in ihre Fortsetzung und ist ist exklusiv bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar.“

Peter Rabbit | Making Of

The Art of VFX released an extensive interview with Animal Logic’s VFX supervisor Will Reichelt and Animation Supervisor Rob Coleman about the work on Peter Rabbit.

Check out the article here:

I addition to that, Screen Australia released a great making of video about the process of making the movie at Animal Logic.

7500 | In Production

I recently started working on director Patrick Vollrath’s debut feature film 7500 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead role. The visual effects work of the film will be done by LAVAlabs Moving Images.

7500 will be Vollrath’s full-length feature debut following his 2015 Academy Award-nominated short, “Everything Will Be Okay.” 7500 centers on an airline hijacking as desperate fear of the unknown undermines both hijacker and pilot. Vollrath said, “Joseph is one of the most exciting actors on the screen today, and we can’t wait to work with him and see what magic he brings to this complex role.”

Full article:
Details:,0,1777,756_AL_.jpg© augenschein filmproduktion

Babylon Berlin | VFX Breakdown

RISE released an extensive Breakdown showcasing their incredible work on Babylon Berlin. I was involved in the project in the first half of 2017.

Peter Rabbit | New Trailer

The new Peter Rabbit trailer includes a couple of the Full CG shots I have been working on. In addition to the trailer, there is a featurette with the cast of the movie.

Babylon Berlin | Trailer

With the highly anticipated start of BABYLON BERLIN comes a new trailer for the first season featuring a good amount of the VFX work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I am looking forward to finally watching the series.

Peter Rabbit | Animal Logic

I recently started working on PETER RABBIT as a member of the compositing department at Animal Logic in Sydney. The movie adaptation of the famous book will be released in spring 2018. For more information on the movie please check out the links below.