House of the Dragon | Dragon BTS

Check out this cool behind the scenes featurette on House of the Dragon’s most interesting characters.
I am excited to be a part of this show. Cheers to the entire Pixomondo Team and „hats off“ to the amazing work.

Babylon Berlin S3 | VFX Breakdown

RISE just released a great VFX breakdown of Babylon Berlin season 3. I was working as a lead compositor on the show for about 5 months.

„It’s always nice to work with friends – like when we returned to the swinging world of Babylon Berlin for Season 3, led by our VFX supervisor Erik Schneider. As building a single set representing all of Berlin is impossible, lots of set extensions needed to be built following the architecture of the pre-WWII era and famous sites were recreated that were destroyed during the war based on photographic reference. Cars were animated, trams needed to speed through the streets and thousands of CG crowd digi-doubles made the city come alive.

Bablyon Berlin Season 3 is now out on Sky Europe and soon everywhere around the world streaming and on TV.“

Game of Thrones S8 | VFX Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of GOT 8 by PIXOMONDO including some of my work:

DARK Season 2 | VFX Breakdown

RISE just released the VFX breakdown of our work from DARK Season 2:

This reel showcases the visual effects work created at
RISE | Visual Effects Studios


Seems like viewers who had their minds blown by the first season of Dark on Netflix are back home from their hospital beds, ready to have their minds blown AGAIN!
Get your pen and paper out and prepare to take notes while you watch some of the most attention grabbing bit of TV EVER!

Thank you to Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese for letting us take care of their brain-child again and thank you to Wiedemann & Berg and Netflix for your continued trust.

Our amazing team at RISE Munich around VFX Supervisor Nicolas Leu, Producers Dominik Trimborn and Doris Huber, Compositing Supervisor Julia Strack, FX Supervisor Korbinian Hopfner and CG Supervisor Sebastian Lauer designed elements that were impossible to describe into beautiful, haunting images.

Iron Sky 2 | VFX Breakdown

Pixomondo released a breakdown reel of their work on Iron Sky: The Coming Race. I had the pleasure of working on a handful of T-Rex shots (not included here) while helping them finishing up the project in fall 2018.

Peter Rabbit | Making Of

The Art of VFX released an extensive interview with Animal Logic’s VFX supervisor Will Reichelt and Animation Supervisor Rob Coleman about the work on Peter Rabbit.

Check out the article here:

I addition to that, Screen Australia released a great making of video about the process of making the movie at Animal Logic.

Babylon Berlin | VFX Breakdown

RISE released an extensive Breakdown showcasing their incredible work on Babylon Berlin. I was involved in the project in the first half of 2017.

Black Sails S4 | VFX Breakdowns

Screen Scene published a VFX breakdown of our work from Black Sails Season 4. We did a great amount of set extensions and CG environment work. Check out the video below …

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