Babylon Berlin | Teaser

The first teaser of Babylon Berlin is available online. I worked on the project at RISE FX for the last 6 months and had an awesome time in a wonderful team. We worked on the visual effects for the first two seasons ( 16 episodes ). The show is directed and adapted by Tom Tykwer, Henk Handloegten und Achim von Borries and based on the novel “ Der nasse Fisch “ by Volker Kutsche.

More information available at the show website from SKY:

The Dark Tower | Trailer

The first official trailer for THE DARK TOWER was just released. I got the chance to help out on this project for a few days during my stay at RISE in December. The movie is based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and is starring Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and others.

Black Sails S4 | VFX Breakdowns

Screen Scene published a VFX breakdown of our work from Black Sails Season 4. We did a great amount of set extensions and CG environment work. Check out the video below …

Mercedes Benz | Grow Up

Mercedes Benz started a new campaign targeting a younger audience. I was part of the compositing team at nhb studios in january 2017.

Here is a link to the full article (german) and all the films.

Rabbit School | Trailer

This is the new trailer for Rabbit School (Die Häschenschule), an animated feature film based on a famous german children’s book. I worked on this project for a few months in 2016 at LAVAlabs Moving Images. Opening in the cinemas in march.

(For the english version of the trailer visit

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz | Commercial

I supported Media Picture Group Duesseldorf in the creation of this Volkswagen Commercial for the E-car Microbus Concept I.D. BUZZ that was released on the NAIAS Detroit 2017.

Einstein | Trailer

German TV station Sat1 released a trailer for the crime-comedy show Einstein. I was on set for two episodes and also worked on some shots in 2015 at LAVAlabs Moving Images.

Black Sails Season 4 | Trailer

The official trailer of the final season of BLACK SAILS just got released. I am currently working on the project at SSVFX in Dublin as a Digital Compositor. Check it out here:

Radio Heimat | Trailer

Radio Heimat is a german comedy based on a book by Frank Goosen. It is about the life of a group of friends growing-up in the Ruhr-area in the 80’s. Since I was born in the middle of the „Ruhrpott“ I am happy to have been involved in the making of this little film. The first trailer is online now.